Betty Davis // Anti Love Song

this song is the definition of raw funk.

"Sure you say you’re right on and you’re righteous
But with me I’d know you’d be right off
Cause you know I could possess your body too, don’t cha?
You know I could make you crawl..”

- Betty Davis

dancinginyourhead said: she’s a goddess

"There remains an uneasiness with discussing American racism alongside the myth of American exceptionalism, because the myth is easier to digest. We continue to be asked to stop. We continue to be told we’ve won enough.

Emancipation was supposed to be enough. ‘Separate but equal’ was supposed to be enough. Brown v. Board of Education was supposed to be enough. The Civil Rights/Voting Acts were supposed to be enough. Affirmative action was supposed to be enough. A black president is supposed to be enough. Yet, here we are, facing mass incarceration, food insecurity, chronic unemployment, the erosion of the social safety net, income inequality, housing discrimination, police brutality and the seemingly unending deaths of our young people at the hands of police and armed vigilantes. Pardon the ‘profound gloom.’

What some call depression or pessimism, I would call impatience and rage. Our impatience and rage is what has produced progress. That we are still impatient and angry reflects not black people’s failing but how far America still has to go. My question/challenge to white people who claim to be on the side of equality and justice: when will you get just as angry that these things have been done in your name?"

Fracking Has Led to a Huge Burst of Earthquakes in a Part of Ohio That Has Never Had Them

Last month, the state of Ohio shut down Hilcorp Energy’s major fracking operation near the Pennsylvania border after five earthquakes occurred over the course of two days, including one that reached magnitude 3. No earthquakes had ever been reported in the area, located near the Carbon Limestone Landfill in Poland, Ohio.

(Source: policymic, via kenobi-wan-obi)

I have the greatest connection with the most beautiful person.

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